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7 Steps to a Depression-Free Life

"Excellent!  This is the most helpful book on depression that I've read. Nancy fully understands the importance of dealing with the causes of depression (not just the symptoms) and the book is full of sound thinking, practical self-help ideas and helpful information. If you follow the suggestions in this book you cannot help but find yourself on the road to recovery"

David Hawthorn
Organiser Addiscombe Depression Self-Help Group


"Your work has been a lifesave . . . literally for me and others I have been able to refer to your net space".

Keith Nightingale
East Bunbury, Western Australia


"I have someone close to me who suffers from depression and I found it hard to know how to help when the illness occurred. After reading your website I bought a copy of your self help guide and now I feel a huge relief. Now I understand how I can be part of her strategy in ending this illness and we are both very hopeful about the future.

Paul Hunter
Lucerne, Switzerland


"I purchased your e-book and I think it is excellent; it covers a lot of ground and gathers together all sorts of information and guidance that is usually only available in a fragmented way.  I bought it as a gift for a friend of mine who is battling with depression (although she doesn't call it that) and, having read it myself before giving it to her, I am confident that it will be a very good friend to her.  Thank you."

Gabrielle Blackman-Shepherd

7 Steps to a Depression-Free Life








"A practical, thoughtful, almost Buddhist approach to verbal aggression... a clear and invaluable text for all who are faced with the seeming confrontations of everyday life."
Prof. Stephen Chan, University of London.



You can learn how to deal effectively with verbal aggression when it happens at work, at home or on the street.    



"One of our managers just can't handle pressure. Whenever we are working to a deadline, if anybody makes even the slightest mistake, he screams and swears. Although he always apologises later it's really unpleasant and I wish I knew how to stop it."




"It would be hard to find a business guide which is easier to read and easier to understand than Robert Agar Hutton's book... every page is a gem of succinct, clear advice... Anybody who comes into contact with other human beings should read this book and absorb its excellent messages."
Dr Mike Kearsley, Wordcom Associates.















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Dr. Michael Shery


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Eliminate Childhood Behavioral Problems for Good!

“I use these tapes extensively in the clinic and I am contantlyimpressed with how effective

and helpful the tapes are."

Eugene Walker, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, (retired)
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

“Regardless of diagnosis, I have found that all of my clients have two things in common: 1) they are under psychological stress and 2) they are experiencing a loss of internalized control. I have found that the Old Me, New Me program helps reduce psychological stress, and, by its very nature, gives the client physiological and psychological control. I very often begin noticing positive changes within the first few sessions. I use the Old Me, New Me program as the foundation of nearly all of my therapy, and will continue to do so. Besides the relationship developed between therapist and client, I have found the program to be the most effective therapeutic technique I have discovered."

B. Althafer
Halifax Behavioral Services
Daytona Beach, FL

Using the visual imagery and being able to swim in an ocean of love and caring with the playful dolphins creates a wonderful "time out" from the anxiety children and teens of divorce are experiencing.  The message of hope that SWTD imparts certainly will impact against the helplessness and sadness that these children, teens and parents are feeling.  I sincerely recommend this CD to parents, school counselors, pastors and all who work with these troubled ones. 

 Rev. Leona Lawson D.D.

"When my brother was going through a very difficult divorce, it greatly effected by 13 year old nephew who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He couldn't calm down He paced continually and had great difficulty getting to sleep at night. I loaned my set of "Old Me New Me CDs to my brother to use my nephew. It made a significant difference. He listened to them when he went to bed. The stories and relaxation exercises helped him to relax and fall asleep. During the day, he was more relaxed and much calmer. As a therapist, I have personally used this program with kids with ADHD, anxiety disorders and depression. Not only does it help to calm down an overly active or excited child, it helps the child to focus and concentrate, teaches strategies to promote self control, and enhances self-esteem. I find the program to be an important adjunct to other forms of therapy with children. I also find it to be a useful tool to continue using at home when therapy is over."

 Cher Leigh, LCSW, Maryland

Eliminate Childhood Behavioral Problems for Good!




Child Anger Management-for Parents


You've Shared More Than What I Needed to Know!

When I first bought your book, I thought it'd be just another parenting book like those I see at the stores.

Boy I was so wrong!

I don't know you managed to squeeze in so many tips and techniques about child anger management into such a book. But that doesn't matter to me.

The most important thing to me is that you've shared more than what I needed to know!

Kelly Russell

Michigan, USA


Saw Huge Changes In My Son's Temper Within 1 Week!

I didn't have enough time to read through your entire book upon purchasing it, so I just browsed through your TIPS page and tried a few of them out with my son.

There were more than 10 inside there, but I tried only 3 of them.

And I already saw huge changes in my son's temper within A WEEK!

Now, things are much much better compared to last time and I'm definitely going to try out the other tips that you've written in your book!

Thanks so much for the great tips!

Nicole Robinson

California, USA


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For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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Conversation Fire and Charisma Secrets

(un-edited testimonials)

"Dramatically Changed My Social Life... Charming Presence ...

Anywhere I Go"


i want to write and tell you that your system and techniques have dramatically changed my social life even in the last month.

This is nothign short of amazing. i can create a charming presence on the entire social circle anywhere i go, and mad

popularity/admiration never hurts :)

i'm very grateful that i found this and i wouldn't give up this knowledge for anything.

i also realized how relating to others to key to happiness. i didn't believe it at first but i see it more and more daily. i'll continue to tell

you how it all goes, thanks a ton for the email & help!


justin p. , Los Angeles, Calif

 Conversation Fire and Charisma Secrets



Managing my Out-of-Control Teen!


Here’s a recent email from a new member of Online Parent Support. She and her
husband sent this email to their son’s Counselor:

“…coming up with a proper diagnosis and treatment has taken us down many
roads, all leading to different therapies, parent-education classes, including
Jayne Major's course Breakthrough Parenting Services as well as James
Lehman's Total Transformation Program. Through countless hours of research
and phone calls, we have discovered the different levels of support are
dependent on insurance, out of pocket expenses, including potentially selling our
home and putting him in a residential treatment center with no guarantees of a
positive outcome. Needless to say, quality intervention has been hard to find.

Recently we found an on-line course by Mark Hutten called My Out Of Control
Teen. It seems the most helpful and pragmatic approach so far. We wanted to
share with you where we are in the course so we are all on the same page in
helping our son and family through this crisis.”


Managing my Out-of-Control Teen!




How Do I Tell My Kids about the Divorce...?


Clinical Psychologist, Jack Singer says …


"Rosalind Sedacca's 'How Do I Tell the Kids about the DIVORCE?' is a much needed breakthrough iin the emotional minefield that parents traverse when they prepare their children for an impending divorce.

The template, storybook strategy sends sensitive, kind, loving and safe messages, which every child needs as they prepare for the scary unknown. I recommend her book for everyone who has children and is contemplating divorce."


Jack Singer, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Expert Witness, Custody and Family Matters

Psychotherapist and author, Dr. Paul Wanio says …


“Rosalind Sedacca has put together a vital tool in helping children (and families) through one of the most difficult times in life.

Her new book, "How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce?" moves beyond a traditional "self-help book" and becomes a real, practical, ongoing part of a child's life. It accomplishes this by being interactive and involving real participation by the child and other family members. I am proud to have contributed to this wonderful project that Rosalind created from her own, personal experience as well as the participation of other mental health professionals. I highly recommend this as more than a book, but a tool to assist children to more successfully navigate the disorientation and maze that is part and parcel of divorce.”


C. Paul Wanio, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC


Author and Parenting Specialist, Dr. Sally Goldberg says …


“This hands-on interactive storybook is a must for all parents going through a divorce.

It is a step-by-step guide for appropriately including children in the process. No parent should leave their home without it!”


 Sally Goldberg, PhD

Center for Successful Children

Parenting Specialist

Author of Constructive Parenting and other parenting books

How Do I Tell My Kids about the Divorce...?




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Dr. Michael Shery


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Better Behaved Kids in Less than 7 Days!


I just wanted to let you know that your wheel is WONDERFUL!!!!

I read about it on About's Special Ed and ordered it.  My son is nine going on ten and is very ADHD. We were beginning to believe he was a compulsive liar and that he did not have a conscience. The first week was tough, we had to keep a "log" of consequences just to keep track, but we stuck to it and never got argument one; the change is DRAMATIC!!!!

He is like a new kid!!!! He used to do things (binge sweets in the middle of the night almost every night, break things, not do his homework etc.) and then look you dead in the eye and deny and lie (it was like the lie was his reality) and pitch fits and have angry outbursts.

Now he accepts the consequences without a blink and does not insist he is right and the bad behaviors
are few and far between. My 3 year old isn't quite ready yet; she's too excited and wants to spin!!!!

I have told my son's psychiatrist about the dramatic change and will be giving him your website to pass on.

I really wish I could convey just how much easier life is and how much more hope I have for my son's future

THANK YOU!!!!!!"

Sincerely, Stephanie Albright, IA


"My parents never disciplined me in any way when I was growing up. As a result, absolutely the hardest thing for me to learn has been self-control. Learning the simplest things become so much harder. It leaves you all on your own to figure out how the world REALLY works right down to the most insignificant details. It also leaves you believing that your parents have other more important things to do than to bother with you. You're left feeling like you're not a priority with your parents.

When parents don't discipline their kids, they're setting them up to fail in life because they're not teaching them how the world works. As these kids grow up, they're left with the unbelievably difficult and extremely shocking task of adjusting to a completely different world than what they grew up in. It's like moving to a place where everyone speaks a completely different language and has completely different customs and beliefs than you do. You have to throw out everything you've learned in your own culture and start from scratch to figure out EVERYTHING. When parents DO provide strict discipline for their kids, learning the rules of life and self-control become so much easier.

I can't begin to describe what I would have given to have had parents that loved me enough to be "so mean to me" that they disciplined me the way Dr. Phil has obviously been doing with his children. Because then you at least know they love you, are looking out for you, and will always be there for you."



" effective behavioral tool for teaching children appropriate behaviors and inspiring healthy choices.

I use the virtual wheel in my home with my two boys, ages six and nine. When they fight, it's time to
spin the wheel.  Knowing that there are consequences for their behavior guides them to making better choices next time ... in the heat of the moment, I often find that all I need is a mention of the wheel."

Laura Ramirez, mother of two and author and publisher of Family Matters! Online Parenting Magazine


"I think parents will be amazed at how quickly the Wheel triggers behavior modification. After a few spins, my cunning 4 year old quickly understood exactly what behavior was unacceptable. More importantly,

she realized that discipline would be objectively and consistently dispensed. The Wheel helps parents to

do a better job so their kids can be better kids. I highly recommend the Wheel."

- Julie Joyce, Editor of the - "Safe Kids Report"


       Big Bonus-FREE Doctor's Consultation



For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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"I think the kids were intimidated and curious of the wheel when we first got it - now that we have had a couple of spins I think they are getting the message. My daughter has not needed to spin yet - we told her if she could go a whole week that we would let her spin the Just Desserts and wherever it landed is what we would do - so she

really is excited about that and is trying very hard. It has helped us out quite a bit - thanks - what a great idea!!

I have passed this information on to other friends and parents and will direct them to your website.

Thanks again!! If there is anything else you create or even if you update the wheel please let us know."

- Carolyn Moerkerk, mother and customer


"WOW!!! I love it. The kids are already changing in just an afternoon. Peace - haven't heard that in a while.

I have been dreading summer just because of the kids being home and fighting with each other more - but not now :)

We are a blended family of 8 children - his, mine, and ours. It makes for very interesting visits with the whole family and a lot of getting on each others nerves at times. Thank you so very much for getting rid of the whole problem of giving unequal punishment out to the "stepchildren". (Seems like the only time that word is used is when someone gets punished.) Now it's fair - FINALLY. They choose to disobey - they choose their punishment.

It's great. Now I can look forward to the summer visitations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!"

Lisa---"A Mother's Touch Daycare"


"Hi Julie

We've received the wheel and are very impressed. We put it together during a planning meet between staff
and volunteers and it lead to a great chat about consequences and rewards. We will be using it as a doorprize during a July 16th peer group. The group will be lead by Dr. Phillips, behaviour management specialist.

I will let you know if some of our parents would like to order your product. thanks again for your great work."

Darlene Jamieson
Executive Director
Big Sisters of Nipissing
147 Main St. West,
North Bay, ON


"This program is fabulous!!! I have just started typing in the "themes" appropriate for my class
(for instance, being bossy) and putting in relevant consequences. I can't wait for somebody to be "bad"!

Thanks a million!"
Bev G.
Kindergarten Teacher
Efland-Cheeks School
Efland, NC




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For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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"Hi Julie!
I just received an email about the "Wheel" from a coworker. I logged on to your website and
the "Wheel" looks like a great idea. As part of our "Parenting Matters" campaign, we will be targeting parents of children in elementary school (5-11 years of age). We would like to put together a resource "backpack" for parents to use. This backpack (survival bag) would be earned by the parents and it would include: handouts (health, education, parenting), possibly book or video, resource guide to services in the community, first aid kit, etc. I would love to see the Wheel in our backpacks."

Jacqueline Muniz, Public Information Specialist
Children's Services Council
Palm Beach County



All of those wonderful "Broadway Reviews."

I teach a course in "Violence and Aggression," at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and would love to distribute brochures to my graduate
students. Please send about 4 dozen to me at:

Professor Robert M. Lichtman Department of Forensic Psychology"

"Hi Julie,
Very creative! And since parents of ADHD kids often have ADHD themselves, having pre-planned consequences
takes the "on the spot" thinking out of it. (I used to give my kids time outs and forget what I sent them to their room for.

I'd have to say something generic to them like "now, you know we can't have that kind of behavior around here". Then they would start defending themselves and clue me in to what they had done!)"

Marie P.,
Chester County CHADD


"I've been testing your wheel on 3 families with kids with ADHD with great results.

...Charles Harrison, New Zealand

"My kids actually like the wheel (even the bad stuff). They helped choose the consequences, the themes, and the rewards. It is funny to watch them call for a certain consequence (kind of like that old TV show with the whammies...come on no whammies, no whammies, lol) I am not the "bad guy" anymore.

My kids are 10 and 13 (girl, and boy). I think that you have come up with a wonderful tool for diffusing power struggles and teaching kids responsibility for their own actions. (You can quote me on that!)"

...Ms. Leslie Guillemette, North Bay, Ontario

"Hello Julie,

We think your wheel and story are so great we've added a link for Find-a-Therapist to your site!

We'd also like to give you our award:  My name is Judy Gifford and I am President of Find-a-THerapist, Inc.

I am pleased to offer you our Recognition Award given to those sites which present excellent infomation on issues involving mental health.

Best regards,
Judy Gifford
Find-a-Therapist, Inc


"I think your wheel is terrific, and my four sons agree...sort of. While our children need consequences for wrong actions, it's nice to temper the punishment with a dash of humor. This is the proverbial spoonful of sugar

to help the medicine go down! Only a loving parent could come up with such an effective way to discipline children. Thanks for a great product."

"...Kayla Fay, Publisher of "Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet?"

" Dear Julie,

Thanks for the follow up email. Yes I have received the behavior wheel in very quick time. My children have found it very novel, especially my 8 year old son. He has been actively involved in deciding new consequences and drawing his own corresponding pictures. He has made a wheel titled "too naughty for words" and chose consequences and actions that he thought were appropriate. The trouble I have is that they are almost fighting over who spins the wheel first!!!

So far I have had my daughter make my son's bed, my son make me breakfast, 24 hours without computer, dishwasher emptied, plus 2 trips to the movies. All without a whimper of protest. I don't know if the novelty
will wear off, but for now the stress levels in the house have certainly dropped. Thank you.

I have recommended it to a friend who also found the concept interesting. I am a child care coordinator and understand the principles behind the wheel. I wish I had thought of it.

Yours gratefully,
Alison Jones"

"Hi Julie, I don't have (or interact with) kids, but your invention is amazing. I could see ordering this even for myself and my beloved. ("It's 10 o'clock, no one's started the dishes yet....") This is a breakthrough of Henry Kissinger / Benjamin Disreali caliber - thanks for the brilliant idea! - Am recommending your site to all my friends with kids and grandkids. Best of luck."

Chris Wegner, Denver, CO.

"Received our wheel yesterday. We are going to put this into action. We've agreed with our almost 8 year old on 3 wheels to begin with:

1) for "A job poorly done" (we added the word -"needs to improve quality of work" -using all the extra work to be done , if chores and household tasks are not completed in a quality way.

2) REWARDS !! wheel of just desserts...SHE LOVED THIS ONE...

3) Peaceful Cooperation Wheel - We agreed on a list of 5 behaviours - kindness, pleasant words, sharing, peace-making , and first time listening.

So we are using 2 of your categories and added our "own" (in true fashion of homeschoolers!).
Thanks so much. We'll be in touch to let you know how well this worked for our family. I'm hoping this will eliminate conflict between myhusband and me as well. We all agreed to the plan, and now we'll all stick to the plan."

Kristine Mains

Better Behaved Kids in Less than 7 Days!





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For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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The Secrets to Unstoppable Self-Confidence



"This wonderful book will give you the boost toward success that can make all the difference!"

- Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement



"I attribute a lot of my success to my confidence in myself. If you are serious about gaining more confidence in your life, you must get this book!"

- Robert Allen, best-selling author of Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire.



"Kent's book, "Unstoppable Confidence" should be required reading for all schools. The ability to communicate effectively is critical for success and he's laid out a step by step process to master that art."

- Ron LeGrand, Real Estate Multimillionaire



"An important work on a significant competency for anyone who wants to excel in business and in life. Read it and learn solid ideas to nurture your soul and nourish your mind."

- Nido R. Qubein, Founder, National Speakers Association Foundation



"Kent Sayre is without a doubt the most highly motivated person I have ever coached! His book, Unstoppable Confidence, can turn anyone into a human dynamo if you just follow his simple suggestions!"

- Fred Gleeck, author of Publishing For Maximum Profit



"Kent has the winner's attitude and it comes through loud and clear in his book. If you want to shift from inaction to action to go for your dreams, then you must read this book!"

- Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset



"As an entrepreneur who has raised billions of dollars and run multimillion dollar companies, one of the keys that I attribute to my success is my confidence in myself. Never before have I seen so many specific, easy to use techniques to expand confidence in one place except in Unstoppable Confidence by Kent Sayre."

- Bernhard Dohrmann, multimillionaire retired investment banker and author of Diamond Heart


The Secrets to Unstoppable Self-Confidence





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For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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Never Crave a Cigarette Again-and Lose Weight!

We certify that these testimonials are unedited

except for corrections to some spelling, punctuation or grammar.


Name: Donna Gentry Location: Texas, US

Prior Smoking Habit: 60-90 cigarettes per day for 30 years

My name is Donna. I have smoked 60 to 90
cigarettes a day for 30 years. I read the book and
when I got to the breathing exercises I put down my
last cigarette. After the audio portion I am able to
use the breathing exercise to take away the urge to
smoke. Thank you so much. My daughter and
grandkids are so happy. My husband is in shock.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Name: Jane Hammond Location: Brisbane, Australia

Prior Smoking Habit: 25 cigarettes per day for 21 years

I have tried many times to stop smoking but this time
was different.

Without the hypnotherapy I would not have stood
a chance. I feel fantastic! I feel in control of myself
for the first time in all those years and it’s a great
feeling and has repercussions across so many aspects
of my life.

Thank you Matt - you're a legend!


Name: Nanci Dinitto-Arnold Location: Florida, USA

I have smoked for many years and have “quit” twice
- once with the patch for a short while. I have gone
thru your session and I cannot begin to tell you how
wonderful this is. I have not had any cravings and it
is truly a major miracle....I have emailed your site to
everyone I know and have offered to pay the cost.

It works, where have you been? Thank you from the
bottom of my lungs and of course from the very
heart of my soul


Name: Miss C Fisher Location: Newcastle, UK

I never really believed this would work, but thought
I had to give it a try. I was so surprised how
effective this has been and have not even felt the
need to smoke at all. I have tried other methods in
the past all of which have failed. I will be
recommending this to friends and family. Thank


Never Crave a Cigarette Again-and Lose Weight!







       Big Bonus-FREE Doctor's Consultation



For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

"Thought provoking, stimulating and provocative. This book will give you lots to think about.

It will help you dig a little deeper to help you make a better choice about staying in or leaving a relationship. 

         Larry James,, Author How to Really
                                       Love the One You're With."  



Designed by Psychiatrist: How to Cope with an Alcoholic Spouse!

“As the owner of Solutions Outpatient Services, an Intensive Outpatient Program in Dallas, I want to thank you.

“Sarita, you have given me such a practical, useful, and effective system for helping my client’s through this challenging time in their lives; having to deal with an alcoholic spouse or partner. Your steps for helping identify the stages of alcoholism are incredible. Your description and explanation of what an intervention is will be a wonderful guide for me to use with families that I am preparing for an intervention. Thank you for your contribution to helping those who are affected and afflicted by this disease.

Lois Jordan- Owner Solutions Outpatient Services, Dallas, Texas

“The most concise summary of addiction and the complex and ill family relationships that I have ever read.”

” If you follow the clear steps outlined in this system, the actions will lead to true recovery for the addict, reconciliation of a broken marriage, and emotional wellness for the spouse.

Dr. James Boone – La Hacienda Treatment Center, Hunt , Texas

“Dr. Uhr has compiled a simple, straight forward, no nonsense approach to helping the alcoholic quit drinking…

“and just as importantly, solutions for the loved ones of the alcoholic to alter certain behaviors and attitudes to allow them to feel much, much better in a relatively short period of time. Concise, to the point, and practical. It’s a huge advantage that you can learn her system in the privacy of your own home. If you love someone with a drinking problem, read this immediately!.

Ken Osean, MEd, LCDC, Dallas, Texas


“As the spouse of an alcoholic who is now in recovery I want to say that I think you did a great job…

“of summarizing what took me to learn in the first ten years I was in a 12 step program for families or friends of alcoholics. I wish this book had been available to me 29 years ago when I first started attending that program. It took me just under an hour to read. When I hear the word, “book,” I usually think 10-15 hours of reading. It was very concise and easy to read. I can’t get over how accurate you are (as far as I am concerned) in your assessment of the impact that addiction has and how right on your advice is on how to deal with it.”

Bill J., Spouse of a Recovering Alcoholic, Dallas, Texas



Designed by Psychiatrist: How to Cope with an Alcoholic Spouse!



"...your program describes exactly what should be done."

"I think you hit the nail on the head when you said to sort through your emotions instead of asking questions about the affair. I think people don't know what to do when they are so numb from finding out, but your program describes exactly what should be done."

Kristin Slagle
Milner, GA


" give a true road map and plan on how to deal with this situation."

"I have looked at a lot of books in the bookstores, but I find that they are too theoretical. You get right to the meat of the whole thing... you don't have to read a bunch of preliminary stuff. When you are in this situation, you want to get right to the point and you have. Well done!

I think you give a true road map and plan on how to deal with this situation. I think most people, after they get over the shock,still want to save their marriage, but they need to know how to go about it."

Wayne Hansen
Vancouver, BC, Canada


"You really seem to understand how painful it is."

"The nine shockwaves you wrote about are exactly the way I feel. I am experiencing the four roadblocks to healing. It really helped me to see in writing that I am not going crazy or feeling things I am not supposed to feel. You really seem to understand how painful it is."

Georgette Blemker
Fort Wayne, IN




       Big Bonus-FREE Doctor's Consultation



For a limited time only, after purchasing any STK, or combination of STKs, valued at $75 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE 20" phone consultation directly with


Dr. Michael Shery


Call 847 275 8236


There's Life after HIM- Why Stay?


“You have helped me more than you realize and I'm currently reading your book for the second time.  I am going to get through this Susan.  You're an Angel that was sent to tell me exactly what I needed to hear no matter how much it hurts.”

Minky Molefe -Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Susan,

I wanna thank you very much for your support during all this sad period I am going through, mainly in relation to the end of my love relationship. Your support aided me so gratefully that I am feeling much better now . I am not crying so much as I did and I am feeling more strong and secure to go on with my life without the man I was in love. Your kind words and sincere support are still of great value and are being very important so that I can reorganize my emotions and my life in general. Again I am very grateful for your support in healing my broken heart.

Many thanks and may GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL AND YOU!

Suzana F. Padilla (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



How to SAVE Your Marriage-before it's Too Late!


"Most effective book"


"For years I went thru some tough time with my wife. I read over twenty books on saving marriages, relationships and stopping divorces, but none of the books were effective. Your book by far is the most unique, but yet, most effective book I have ever read on saving my marriage. I only needed to apply a few of your techniques to my marriage, but before you know it my marriage was in great shape. Many of my friends were so amazed at how I did it that I just decided to show them your book."


Lenny Selden



"Best thing Yet"


"Mastery to Saving your Marriage is just about the best book I have read on saving your marriage. It clearly explains the dynamics of a marriage and provides me with tips on saving my melted marriage. I didn't think the tricks the book taught me would work initially, but after trying it out, it worked like a charm. Unlike many other books that I read which offer logical short term aids that makes it a favorable read, but fail in the long run to fix shaky marriages your book serves as the gold standard in saving a marriage because your book discusses the paths of a successful marriage  My marriage is not only fixed, but it stronger than ever. Thanks Katie."


 Josephine Law


How to SAVE Your Marriage-before it's Too Late!






           There's Life after HIM- Why Stay?

Dearest Susan,

You have blessed my life with your words. I can’t thank you enough. I have my life back. Even though it was so hard, you made it easier. May God Bless your work and many more good wishes.

Catalina Jerez - Sao Paolo

I was in a somewhat abusive relationship that I was afraid to leave. Thanks to your book, you gave me the courage and strength to move away from this terrible time in my life. I really don’t think I could’ve done it without reading your book. I believe it was a gift from God. I thank God I found you on the internet. You changed my life

Marissa Smithton, Sydney AU


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Dr. Mike Shery is a licensed clinical psychologist and is affiliated with almost all health plans, including: ValueOptions, Medicare, Cigna, Cigna Behavioral Health, United Health Care, Aetna, First Health, Healthstar, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, ComPsych, Magellan Health, HFN, Tricare, Humana, most union local plans, most school district plans, Unicare, ChoiceCare, CAPP, Multiplan, Mental Health Network, Managed Health Network, United Behavioral Health, PPONext, Private Health Care Systems, Humana-Military and Beech Street .


He has practiced clinical psychology for approximately 24 years and is board certified as a specialist in professional counseling by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy. He is the director of Affiliated Counseling and Referral Services and is a member of the American Counseling Association.


The office is located in Cary, IL and in select cases phone consultations are available for those who don’t live locally> Telephone Counseling.


To make an appointment> New Patient Registration or to learn more about the psychological services he provides call him at 1-847-275-8236 (24 Hrs).


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