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“ ABSOLUTELY no headaches. NO forms to fill out.   We bill your insurance directly.  Just make your small co-payment and you'll NEVER receive a bill from us-Ever!  Guaranteed!"  Since 1976.


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DR. Michael Shery, Clinical Psychology
2615 Three Oaks Rd. Ste 2A; Cary, IL 60013 847 275 8236 (24 Hrs);



        “Since 1976, state-of-the-art counseling which treats the problem, not just the symptom…”




    Doctoral degree:  University of Southern California



       Referrals accepted from Alexian Brothers, Good Shepherd, Centegra, Loyola, Northwestern University, University of Chicago and the Mayo Clinic hospitals and physicians.




Counseling, Therapy and

Expert Evaluations for: 


Anxiety - Depression -Marriage -Adolescent-- ADHD - Alcohol -Substance Abuse -Anger - Fitness for Duty - Disability -Adoption 





The Remarkable Convenience of Telephone Counseling



This service allows you to get the full benefit of a counseling session without having to go into an office.

The advantages of telephone counseling over in-office face-to-face counseling are surprising.

The convenience and privacy of the telephone are also tremendous advantages.


Getting to and from a counseling office can sometimes take hours, and you never know who you'll meet in the waiting room! Telephone counseling, on the other hand, is something that does not even require a baby-sitter.

Most of our clients enjoy being able to speak with their counselor at a time that is convenient for them from the privacy and comfort of their own home.  


The idea that a counselor’s physical presence is essential to counseling success is simply not true for milder issues. In fact, we’ve discovered that we can help people by telephone that may not otherwise speak with a licensed psychologist. Sometimes clients’ are too embarrassed to come to an office or have no way of getting there. However, by telephone they get all the help they need with complete privacy and very little initial effort. And the results can be dramatic.


There are no long distance telephone charges to you because I call you at the appointed time and the cost is a real bargain. Most initial calls are used  to get an overview of what is needed and to better be able to create goals and design a plan for success. The number of sessions you may need will vary, however most clients have great success with short term, solution focused therapy. 


If you would rather speak to your counselor face to face, instead of using just the telephone we can use webcams and the internet to communicate with you. This is NOT an e-mail service.  You actual speak with your professional psychologist face to face.


By the way, phone counseling is the only way to get almost UNLIMITED Counseling Visits… and NOT be restricted by a family member or an insurance company…


             KEEP READING because this Benefit is NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE ELSE!


   The SPECIAL ACCESS Telephone Counseling Program

Want to blast right through your insurance company’s stodgy restrictions to eliminate your depression, anxiety, stress or family problems faster and more quickly?  Join our state-of-the-art Special Access Phone Counseling Program that gives you access to 16 thirty minute sessions per month; then you won’t have to wait for a next scheduled appointment, days away, to receive crucial feedback. 


Because it's delivered by telephone, you won't have to contend with wicked weather, traffic jams, bosses or baby sitters to get into an office. Rapidly accelerate your progress by having more frequent, almost daily appointments-whenever you want, in the privacy of your home or office! With this almost daily contact in the comfort of your own home, people are often able to meet their goals and complete their counseling 50% sooner.


                               How does it work?


This Special Access Program is yours for a monthly membership fee of just $295.  That entitles you to receive, at your option, up to 16 appointments per month- only $18.00 per 30 minute appointment with a professional, fully licensed, specialist in clinical psychology with OVER 20 years experience!


You commit yourself to only a month at a time, pay at the beginning of the month and have the privilege of making as few or as many appointments as you like- up to the 16 per month.  It's TOTALLY UP TO YOU and, regardless of how many sessions you use, there are NO surprises because the fee NEVER CHANGES.  


Your plumber and electrician charge A LOT MORE than $18 per half-hour and you won't find these services available ANYWHERE ELSE in the country for this tiny fee.


It’s easy to get started! First, you complete the easy form required to schedule yourself an appointment; then you go ahead and schedule it.  To get started NOW, click:  Make appointment for SpecialAccess Telephone Therapy.  Fill out the form, schedule your appointment... and unless you hear otherwise from me, I will call you at the appointed time for our initial consultation...triggering your acceptance into Special Access.  


When you schedule your appointment just indicate on the form whether you'll be paying by credit card or money order.  Please be sure I have your credit card info or receive the payment of $295 by money order at least 3 days before your appointment.


When sending a money order make it payable to Dr. Shery and mail to 2615 Three Oaks Rd, #2A,  Cary, IL 60013. 


From then on, you will be able to schedule one telephone consultation per day, for up to thirty minutes each time, up to 16 times during the month, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, except holidays, from 12PM to 2PM Illinois time. 


We will gladly provide the claim form for your insurance plan and, even though in some circumstances, they may reimburse you for phone therapy, we cannot guarantee it.

We require JUST the membershop fee at the beginning of each month, provide day and evening phone appointments… and do all your insurance paperwork!



To make an appointment right now, click: Make appointment for SpecialAccess Telephone Therapy  or,  schedule your initial consultation by calling 1-847-275-8236!

How long are you willing to tolerate all your stress and depression? Contact me today-1-847-275-8236!



Affiliated Counseling and Referral Services: 1-847-275-8236 



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Dr. Mike Shery is the director of ACRS and is a licensed clinical psychologist. He has practiced clinical psychology for approximately 24 years and is affiliated with almost all health plans, including:  Aetna, ValueOptions, Medicare, Cigna, Cigna Behavioral Health, United Health Care, First Health, Healthstar, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, ComPsych, Magellan Health, HFN, Tricare, Humana, most union local plans, most school district plans, Unicare, ChoiceCare, CAPP, Multiplan, Mental Health Network, Managed Health Network, United Behavioral Health and Beech Street.


He is board certified as a specialist in professional counseling by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy. He a member of the American Counseling Association. The office is located in Cary, IL, near Crystal Lake and Algonquin, in southern McHenry County.  Phone consultations are available for those who don’t live locally.


For SpecialAccess, Click:  Make appointment for Special Access Telephone Therapy, or to learn more about the psychological services he provides call him at 1-847-275-8236 (24 Hrs).



           Questions? Call  Dr Mike NOW: 


                   847 275 8236 (24 Hrs)



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New Patient Registration

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In-Office Services are located in Cary, Illinois and are convenient if you're coming from: 

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