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StressScreen: “Boosting profits for lawyers...while restoring quality of life to victims”




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Stress Screen, a service of Affiliated Counseling and Referral Services
"boosting profits for lawyers...restoring quality of life to victims"

Michael E. Shery, Ph.D, Clinical Psychology, President


Practice Alert!




WARNINGDON'T settle another injury case without first reading this letter!

Otherwise, you are likely to be shortchanged again! YES...again!

To help you prevent this, I need a little information about your practice... just the number of new injury and/or workers comp cases you get

per month?

I will then be able to help you dramatically balloon the profitability of your practice- without having to add new clients.

You see, millions of dollars are lost each year to attorneys because of psychological disorders that are undetected in their injury clients.

For Example...What do You Do in these Situations...?

If you notice your client starting to limp after an accident, do you ignore it as "just part of life," or do you bring it to his attention, suggest an exam and consider it for compensation?

What if he appears to be having more headaches? Do you ignore it or bring them to his attention as worthy of an exam and possible compensation? Of course, you suggest the exam and consider the symptoms for compensation.

But what do you do about the resulting anxiety. family problems and depression...?

You see, each year millions of dollars are lost to victims...and their attorneys because even though these injuries cause various forms of anxiety...

and were induced by the injury, they are unrecognized, specifically as psychological symptoms, but viewed only as "everyday attempts to cope."


Are You Part of the Solution... or... the Problem?
What if YOU notice that since the accident your client seems unusually edgy, angry, irritable or withdrawn?

What if you discover, in passing, that he has been arguing excessively with his wife?

What if he mentions that he's been unmotivated or in a "funk...?"

I bet you utter a few kind words then quickly move to "more important" things.

In the frenzy to deal with physical symptoms, lawyers, clients and doctors are oblivious to these behavioral signs... and their longer term consequences:

They include poor work performance, a deteriorating marriage, chronic depression, lack of motivation and crippling anxiety...

consequences down the road that you may never get a chance to see?


Who Am I?

I'm Dr Mike Shery, a clinical psychologist, member of The American Counseling Association, diplomate in behavioral medicine and have been in

practice for over 25 years.
I've treated hundreds of patients for injury-induced anxiety, depression and family problems. Many were referred by physicians because of treatment-resistant headaches, backaches and pain.. .and only diagnosed AFTER their claims were settled... with no opportunity for further compensation.

When asked why they didn't seek treatment sooner, the answer was always some form of. .. "I thought I just had to get through it" and "my lawyer

and none of my doctors said I needed it."

Now, I was treating a patient who had little money, was now suffering from unrelenting stress and was ALSO feeling betrayed by the system.


Depression- The "Unmentionable Injury"

Injury victims, particularly men, are reluctant to reveal depression or anxiety directly "as a psychological symptom." Massive diagnosis error occurs because the signs of the client's emotional symptoms are mainly revealed indirectly and only "in passing" during conversation, not in a specifically structured interview. This contributes to the misperception that these symptoms are "just part of life," not possible signs of real psychological injury lurking beneath the surface.

In their offices, doctors, themselves, fail to recognize up to 50%of their own patients' psychological disorders! 

So how could you.. .or your clients, be expected to recognize them?

The Big Problem is that...each year this lack of awareness costs you and your clients THOUSANDS of dollars in deserved compensation
and contingency fees. This crisis of massive failure to recognize psychological symptoms needed an urgent solution.

So...The American Academy of Family Physicians... American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology... The American Medical Association... The American College of Physicians and The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force thoroughly studied the issue.

They concluded that doctors, to be diligent, must routinely screen their patients with a specifically designed instrument. It should be able to detect the apparent OR hidden psychological disorders that patients are reluctant to disclose and that doctors don't recognize in everyday practice...


BULLETIN:  "Routine Screening for Depression Advised"

An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from depression--and, because as many as half of all cases of this very common mental disorder are missed and still others are mistreated, a federal task force has recommended that all adults be screened for depression during their regular doctor visits.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force--an independent medical panel asked by the federal government to evaluate the latest research in deciding what routine medical screening Americans need--said the nation's primary care doctors could begin to identify as much as 90% of cases by asking basic questions about depression.

It’s being recommended that doctors should ask patients two questions:

1. "Over the past two weeks, have you felt down, depressed or hopeless?" and

2. "Over the past two weeks, have you felt little interest or pleasure in doing things?"

A yes answer to either question should be followed with in-depth questionnaires to determine whether the patient is depressed, the panel said.

The task force said it recommends screening adults for depression in clinical settings that allow for effective treatment and follow-up. Citing insufficient evidence about the reliability and accuracy of such tests in young people, they declined to make a recommendation for or against routine screening of children or adolescents for depression.

The Important Message is Due Diligence. These disorders should be treated but doctors chronically overlook them. Therefore, the recommendation for specifically designed screening is the only way to reliably identify reluctantly revealed psychological symptoms before they cause more trouble down the line, like discord...chronic pain...etc. ..



After All, Too Many People Fall through the Cracks in Hospitals and Doctors' Offices!

You know what that means... Since it happens to doctors, it's virtually guaranteed to be happening to YOU!  You can be SURE that hoards of these disorders have been overlooked by you-and thousands of dollars in compensation- have been pouring down the drain...

And if you don't act will just keep happening!

You owe it to yourself, your family and your clients to do better than that. 

Remember:  It's all about due diligence... and being thorough!

But how can you catch all your clients' hidden psychological symptoms?

Doctors have already given us the answer: Proactive Screening. It can uncover the hoards of psychiatric symptoms lurking beneath the surface

and enable a mountain of new and deserved compensation! And... when you succeed, your clients will receive needed treatment, a dramatic boost in compensation AND you will enjoy a ballooning of your contingency fee profits!

In one respect, YOU are a Health Professional too. And your clients TRUST you.  It's your responsibility to see that they are compensated and treated for ANY health problems resulting from their injuries. That includes psychological symptoms that, research tells us are initially unrecognized by doctor,  patient and lawyer.

Most importantly, YOUR  "patients"  have JUST BEEN INJURED or involved in a traumatic health-threatening auto accident. Therefore, it doesn't take a Nobel Prize winner to recognize that, to be thorough, due diligence requires that YOU do what doctors say THEY need to do...Provide Systematic and Routine Screening.

AND just like physicians...if you don't screen for these symptoms, you won't even know if they exist, will you?.


Proactive Screening Offered Nationwide

StressScreen is our proprietary program that's based on the same model of proactive screening that physicians use with their own patients. ..

and it's now available to YOUR practice...for the Very FirstTime!

This painstaking screening is done over the phone and takes just 30 to 60 minutes. As the attorney, you will receive a concise, easy to

understand report that will document the presence of any compensable disorders, their present and possible future impact on your client and recommendations for treatment.

This report will also be forwarded to any treating professionals to provide additional documentation and to facilitate needed therapy.

Identifying these symptoms that otherwise would have been overlooked, enables needed treatment and compensation for your client. .. and an explosive growth in contingency fee income for yourself.

And... if you join us Now, as a charter subscriber of StressScreen, it can be uncovering compensable symptoms in your clients.. .in just 7 days!

Remember, StressScreen is the only service in America that empowers lawyers to fine-tune their claims by applying sophisticated pre-screening to uncover symptoms that are too frequently overlooked.


2 Gateways:   

1. With the Individual Plan, you are charged a flat fee of $95 per StressScreen.  This is a great way to test our service and experience the fantastic results first-hand.

2. The Gold Plan provides you with an Unlimited number of StressScreens (with some minor restrictions) for just $299 per month..

Don't forget: Your due diligence in uncovering these grossly overlooked problems is worth thousands of dollars to you and your clients...not to mention the importance of your clients' restored quality of life. 

This is a proposal you can't refuse

Ordering is simple!  Just email> or, for enhanced security, fax me at 1-847-639-0869.  Provide information regarding which plan you are registering for and your initial payment ($95 for 1 screen or $299 for unlimited service).  Include your usual contact information...and Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date.

I will send you a simple protocol sheet with directions which will make it quick and easy for your clients to receive their screens with absolutely no hassle!  You should be up and running in just 7 days or less!

Please Send your Registration to:

Dr Shery, 121 Brookbridge Rd. Cary, IL 60013. OR, better yet email it to: or, for credit card security, send a fax: 847 639 0869. Please include your email and mailing addresses.

You will discover just how effortless it is to get all the unparalleled benefits of StressScreen. You will find your pockets crammed with new cash from ballooning contingency income, you will also be developing an enviable reputation for extraordinary due diligence... AND getting much needed treatment for your clients.

This is a brand new service and I want to fill the Charter Membership enrollment. So, to make this offer irresistible... if you’re one of the first 50 Gold Plan enrollees, I will offer the Stress Screen Gold Plan to you at a 10% discount off the fees quoted above...for the life of your account! Just $269 per month.

And if you register for The Individual Plan before we have our first 50 Gold Plan members, you can receive a 10% one-time discount on it!

Also, if you want to discuss it with me over the phone call me at 847-516-0899 and I'll return your call ASAP. If you don't think this is the perfect program to dramatically balloon your profits... without having to add ANY new clients. ..just accept my thanks for the privilege of discussing it with you. By discussing it with me, You have NOTHING to Lose.. .and

Absolutely Everything to Gain!

But remember - we are going to offer the StressScreen Gold Plan at the Special  10% lifetime discount ONLY until we get our first 50 charter Gold Plan members!

Hadn't you better send your email, fax or card right now - so you can take advantage of this Special Offer...

Yours truly,

Dr. Michael E. Shery, President

P.S. Think about it...If you're not willing to even try the Individual Plan... you'll never ever know...!



Dr. Mike Shery is the director of ACRS, originator of StressScreen and is a licensed clinical psychologist. He has practiced clinical psychology for approximately 24 years and is affiliated with almost all health plans, including:  ValueOptions, Medicare, Cigna, Cigna Behavioral Health, United Health Care, Aetna, First Health, Healthstar, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, ComPsych, Magellan Health, HFN, Tricare, Humana, most union local plans, most school district plans, Unicare, ChoiceCare, CAPP, Multiplan, Mental Health Network, Managed Health Network, PHCS, PPONext, Humana Military-Tricare, United Behavioral Health and Beech Street.


He is board certified as a specialist in professional counseling by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy.  He a member of the American Counseling Association.


The office is located in Cary, IL, near Crystal Lake and Algonquin, northern Kane County and in southern McHenry County.  In select cases, phone consultations are available for those who don’t live locally> Telephone Counseling.


To make an appointment>New Patient Registration  or to learn more about the psychological services he provides call him at 1-847-516-0899 (24 Hrs).



 To make a free phone appointment to discuss StressScreen call 1-847-516-0899, or schedule yourself in our online appointment book now; Click:  Make appointment for Cary Office: Therapy and Counseling



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